Our Frames

Frame Selection

When choosing a frame, keep it simple.  Shape, Size, then Color.  Shapes should complement your face shape.  It’s about fit and balance.  Styles evolve and so should you.  Don’t worry about going too wild.  We can find something that is right for you.

We select our frames for quality and function.  Parts that are well made, with materials that withstand habitual wear and tear.  We want stylish frames that are well made, so they last, through all of life’s challenges.  Your frame should look good no matter where you are and what you are doing.

Brands We Carry

Banana Republic: the name speaks for itself
Boss / Hugo Boss: seriously suave  
Carrera: sporty
Columbia: rugged and durable
Dolabany: fun, artsy and colorful.
Fysh: cool artsy designs
Kate Spade: colorful and available in petite sizes
Kliik: designed especially for the petite man or woman, made in Denmark.
Koali:  artistic designs
Liz Claiborne / Claiborne for Men: you know Liz
Marc Jacobs: high fashion
Morel - Lightec/OGA/Red/Nomad: super light weight, made in france, super durable, high fashion
Nike: sports fashion
Wylie X: uber protective and stylish sunglasses for men, women and kids  

Frame Selection

Have additional questions about selecting the right frames for you? Contact us today, we are happy to help!